• Sarasota Magazine‘s Cooper Levey-Baker (and good friend of mine) wrote about Mistakes by the Lake in What We’re Reading Right Now: “Petkash’s tales are often grim, but humor worms its way in, as well, tying together stories of loss and longing from many different epochs. Recommended for dedicated Clevelanders, the Cuyahoga-curious or just anyone who enjoys sharp prose.”
  • Writer Ander Monson gives a nice shout-out in this interview with Ann Arbor District Library’s Pulp: “I’m pumped up about a forthcoming book … called Mistakes by the Lake. A dark—gothic, really—tour of loss in Cleveland.”


  • “The stories [in Mistakes by the Lake] offer a glimpse of lives that we didn’t notice, or that we saw but chose to look away from…. [Petkash’s] compassion comes through in his sparkling prose and riveting imagery. You know that for once these people are seen.” —Jen McConnell, The Main Street Rag
  • As a finalist for The Novella Award, Mistakes by the Lake garnered this review from Vulpes Libris.


  • Finalist: Southeast Missouri State University’s 2018 Nilsen Prize (Mistakes by the Lake [Collection])
  • Honorable Mention: Glimmer Train‘s Family Matters Contest (“Dispossessed”)
  • Shortlisted: The Novella Award (2015), a collaboration between Liverpool John Moores University, Sandstone Press, Time to Read, and NAWE (Mistakes by the Lake)